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Yu Gi Oh!: When Bakura is first introduced in the manga, Yami Yugi is playing a tabletop RPG against Yami Bakura. In the game, the Yugi party manages to sever the Big Bad’s hand, and as a result, the real Bakura manages to re take control of that hand of his body and is subverting his dark side’s plans, a literal instance of the right hand not knowing what the left hand is doing. Yami Bakura eventually catches on and gets it out of the way by impaling it. but tips off the group as to his identity in the process. Nube, has sealed an Oni as his left hand. He typically uses it as a regular hand (if ultra powered when released,) but by the end of the manga he and the oni have become allies in a symbiotic relationship, and Baki (the oni) is free to do whatever he likes as Nube’s hand.

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