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Family Theme Naming: Pickles and Peaches Le Rou


Characters include: Melvin Adelman, bilby janitor. Cloey Woodresin, his wife, a pine marten (does not actually work in the store). Mr. (Martin) Hefferbottom, owner and manager, a ferret. Wilbur Kozofsky, armadillo cashier. Filbert Hibiscus, hellbender projectionist. Alas, Poor Yorick: Melvin gives an. abbreviated soliloquy to a skull during a Hamlet parody. Alliterative Name: Magnolia Mayonaise. Ambiguous Gender: Sally the Dog is often referred to as male despite her name and feminine clothes. Barefoot Cartoon Animal Charlie and the Chocolate Parody: It doesn’t even bother to set it in something other than a candy factory. Cloud Cuckoo Lander: Generalisimo Chlamydia Clitoria Butterwort III, esq. Cool Cat: Well, Cool Cat. Cool Shades: Cool Cat wears totally cool shades. Crapsack World: The strip takes place in a grimy, run down porn store in a city called, appropriately, «Failtown». Family Theme Naming: Pickles and Peaches Le Rou. Fat Bastard: Wilbur. Fat Slob: Subverting the usual trope, there are two rather overt female fat slobs, Princess Aurelina and Cadillac MySpace. Furry Comic: In roughly the same way that Don Quixote is a chivalric romance. Furry Confusion: Lampshaded here Humanlike Foot Anatomy Inkblot Cartoon Style Interspecies Romance: Melvin and Cloey. Jerk Ass: Wilbur. Lazy Bum: Melvin, again. Moral Guardian/You Dirty Rat!: Chastity Steelvulva. Ms. Fanservice: Magnolia. No Celebrities Were Harmed: For a given value of «celebrity», anyway. Some characters, especially drop ins appear to be based on the «fursonas» of well known members of the furry fandom fetish subculture «community». A few, such as Aurelina, are completely undisguised, though. Odd Shaped Panel: The panels have thick wavy borders. Overly Long Name: Generalisimo Chlamydia Clitoria Butterwort III, esq. Perpetual Frowner: Melvin. Wilbur as well. Petting Zoo People Pointy Haired Boss: Mr. Hefferbottom frequently has big ideas that never work, such as insisting that all his employees start using Twitter or turning the porn shop into a film studio. Repetitive Name: Jolly Molly McGolly. Rim Shot: Used here The Speechless: Sally the Dog can communicate only by «woofing». Temporary Bulk Change: Cloey bloats up imensely after Melvin starts cooking marzipan. The trope is then played strait and lampshaded on the next page. Second Law of Gender Bending: Mocked in one strip; the parody TF comic boils down to «Boys are hideous and live bleak, miserable lives; girls (and boys turned girls) are pretty and have perfect lives with no problems». Straw Character: Wilbur. Take That!: To The Get Along Gang here The fact that Montgomery Moose has a Swastika on his forehead makes it even funnier when you know about how they treated reptiles in that show.

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