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In Germany, study of the Wehrmacht's performance in warfare is


Pompey had declared that he had only to stamp his feet, and the whole of Italy would rally to him. However, word soon reached Rome that Caesar had crossed the Rubicon, entered Italy under arms, and was advancing rapidly to the capital. Without sufficient time to raise enough troops capable of beating Caesar’s veterans, Pompey retreated east, and began raising a huge army. Caesar pursued Pompey into Greece. Their armies first clashed at Dyrrachium, Greece in 48 BC, where Pompey actually inflicted a serious defeat on Caesar, whose troops retreated in disorder. Assuming this to be a trap, Pompey did not order his men to pursue. Caesar would remark that “today the enemy would have won, had they been led by a winner”. In their second battle, at Pharsalus a few weeks later, the younger man proved the better general and Pompey and the other Republicans were routed. Pompey fled to Egypt expecting sanctuary; instead, he was betrayed and murdered by a palace cabal, who sent his head as a gift to Caesarnote The gift was not appreciated; Caesar had the assassins executed. Nonetheless, Caesar would finally be assassinated in the Senate, with his body falling before a statue erected in honour of Pompey Magnus.

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cheap replica handbags Be very wary of making sweeping generalizations like “the SS were evil, but the Wehrmacht were good and awesome” this is simply not borne out by the historical record. In Germany, study of the Wehrmacht’s performance in warfare is basically unheard of and studies of the Wehrmacht focus almost exclusively upon its deep complicity in the Nazis’ genocidal schemes. But in the USA, military and Armchair Military studies have often sought to separate the Wehrmacht’s ‘professional’ conduct on the battlefield from its ‘political’ conduct against POW and civilians and held up the former as a shining paragon of professionalism worthy of emulation. However, the latter approach presents a FalseDichotomy given the fundamentally ideological nature of Germany’s wars. Germany’s stated aim in her war against the USSR was to exterminate her people, and every action taken in the name of that goal (however mindful to avoid civilian losses, which none of them werenote quite the opposite, in fact. The most lethal example would be the ‘Hunger Plan’ (seizing grain from Soviet farmers and exporting it to Germany so the former would die without needing to be executed). The orders on ‘foraging’ were basically the same thing, though the stolen food went to the Wehrmacht itself ) was one which furthered this ultimate, ‘political’, aim cheap replica handbags.