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Picture: APSource:APMadsen has insisted there was no sexual


There is sign of fracture on the skull and there isn any sign of other blunt violence to the skull, he said, citing an autopsy carried out overnight.Locating Wall head has been a priority for investigators, as the final autopsy on the torso was not able to establish the cause of death.However, it did show multiple mutilation wounds to Wall genitalia.Prosecutors believe Madsen killed 30 year old Wall as part of a sexual fantasy, then dismembered and mutilated her body.Earlier this week, prosecutor Jakob Buch Jepsen told a court custody hearing that a hard disk found in Madsen workshop contained Stella Mccartneys Outlet fetish films in which real women were tortured, decapitated and burned.hard drive doesn belong to me, Madsen insisted, saying numerous people had access to his workshop.Chief Police investigator Jens Moeller makes a comment concerning the latest findings in connection with the Kim Wall murder case. Picture: APSource:APMadsen has insisted there was no sexual relationship between him and Wall, and their contacts had been purely professional.Jensen said the divers on Friday found the clothes and body parts in bags weighed down with metal pieces.

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