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Pompey was nominated a consul


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cheap replica handbags Such megalomania at such a young age, ultimately set the stage for what we would now recognize as a mid life crisis. In the 50s BC, he became part of the First Triumvirate, a coalition between him, his rival Marcus Licinus Crassus, and the junior partner, Julius Caesar. The latter was the nephew of Marius and a supporter of the populare faction, while Crassus and Pompey had enriched and profited from Sulla’s actions and his conservative cause. The coalition was bound by a desire on the part of the two Sullans to secure their privilege and clout, and extend their influence with the help of Caesar. Caesar for his part had his own agenda, being a relatively poor but brilliant young aristocrat who had been steered away from the normal course of his career thanks to Sulla, but who now wanted to make up for lost time. Between them, the three became unofficial rulers of Rome, dividing the best provinces between them. Caesar and Crassus both wanted and got wars so they could gain plunder and glory, while Pompey, Happily Married to Caesar’s teenage daughter Julia, settled down in Rome for an extended honeymoon. Soon, cracks began to appear in the triumvirate. Crassus was spectacularly defeated and killed fighting the Parthians, an invasion he launched to get the honors that Pompey had taken from him. Caesar unexpectedly proved a superb general, conquering the Gauls and winning vast new territories for Rome. Despite being a successful Social Climber and achieving many honors as a general, Pompey lived to see his career overshadowed by the upstart Caesar, who despite being a poor lawyer was proving to be a better general than Pompey ever was. He would probably have split from Caesar anyway but his genuine happy marriage with Julia, that was rare enough that it was much commented on and joked about even in that time, held their alliance. That ended with the death of poor Julia in childbirth. The optimate senators, led by Cato the Younger, had loathed Pompey. They saw his elevation as an unwarranted concession made by Sulla, despite the fact that Pompey had served their cause. But they hated and feared Caesar more and the capital was breaking down in street fights led by gangs of populares and optimates. They needed a sword to stop them, so the optimates turned to the man who trampled and marched on Rome in his youth to come linked site and defend the Republic. Pompey was nominated a consul, illegally, since that was an elected office, but the optimates made an exception to contain the crisis. cheap replica handbags

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