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The sci fi sitcom Red Dwarf was also broadcast on some PBS


Some local PBS stations create their own content, but most buy content produced by others. The largest content producer in the country is Boston’s WGBH, which has produced shows like the science documentary series Nova and the edutainment show ZOOM. And while we’re on the subject, WGBH’s ident (which has remained unchanged since 1977) happens to be pure Nightmare Fuel (as were some of PBS’s own early logos). WQED in Pittsburgh was historically another major provider, but it gradually petered out (with the end of the Neighborhood in 2001, it ceased to produce nationally distributed programming). Similarly, WTTW of Chicago’s output has dwindled in recent years; in the past it provided Siskel Ebert their first TV series, The Frugal Gourmet, Lamb Chop’s Play Along as well as a revival of Kidsongs on television. It still co produced The McLaughlin Group for both PBS and network stations until creator, executive producer, and host John McLaughlin’s death in 2016. WNET of New York also contributes major programming, including Great Performances, American Masters, Nature, producing PBS NewsHour Weekend, and a large amount of PBS Kids programming. Some noteworthy programs broadcast throughout PBS’ history include many of Ken Burns’ documentaries and the controversial show An American Family in 1973, which is now viewed as the read more here Ur Example for the entire genre of reality television. (The irony of a network with a reputation as highbrow as PBS inventing the Reality Show is not lost on some of us.) Some PBS affiliates also let other companies use their studios for filming non PBS programs. An example is Philadelphia’s WHYY, who had among other things, Nickelodeon’s quintessential game show, Double Dare, as well as sister series Finders Keepers and Think Fast, taped at their facilities until Nick moved to Orlando and Universal Studios in 1990. distributor of Doctor Who. Two other popular British imports are Monty Python’s Flying Circus and Are You Being Served?, which have been airing on a PBS station somewhere or other since they first acquired the programs in the mid 1970s. The sci fi sitcom Red Dwarf was also broadcast on some PBS stations, on occasion being the focus of the aforementioned pledge drives. Finally, the long running Masterpiece Theatre (now known simply as Masterpiece) consists mostly of British productions (including some from ITV and Channel Four), the most popular of which currently are Downton Abbey and the revival of Upstairs Downstairs, which have been among the biggest hits the network’s had in its history.

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