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The United States' non intervention in Bosnia in the early


Most of the Prankster Comets in Super Mario Galaxy just make a previous mission harder for a new Star. Speedy Comets give you a time limit and take away checkpoints, Fast Foe Comets make hazards move faster (thankfully you’re usually only forced to redo a segment of a mission), and Daredevil Comets make you redo a boss, or even a whole mission, with one hit point (turning Bouldergeist from a relatively easy foe to That One Boss). However, the Cosmic Comets (a race against a shadowy doppelganger) and Purple Comets (a coin hunt) are unique. This is repeated in Super Mario Galaxy 2, in which the regular comets are of the same color and bring in more possible twists (such as forcing the player to defeat all enemies and a harder variation of the Speedy challenges where the time limit is so low that the player has to collect clocks constantly to avoid running out of time); Galaxy 2 also has 120 Green Stars after you’ve defeated the game which are hidden throughout the levels and require the player to make progressively harder jumps to reach them. And the last star is a real pain.

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