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There is a great deal of misleading and incorrect information


The Bike Use an old road frame, or a commute bike frame is ideal, use 700c road wheels disc brake compatible, with tires 28 32s to handle the rough stuff. Add to this disc brakes, normal road drop handle bars, a suspension seat post, a low level spec drive train with triple chain ring and you can go anywhere without sacrificing comfort or speed. I also have front suspension, but this is optional.

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Re opened in 2010 after being closed in 2008, today the George Dragon is home to a library, shop and community allotments as well as a beer terrace where patrons can admire panoramic views over the Swale Valley. Just a small Yorkshire Dales pub, owned by the community and run by me and my family, says landlord Stu Miller. I’m extremely proud of what our little pub has achieved.

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