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I am less interested in his treatment of terror than the


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Designer Replica Bags Karlgaard’s “cold loathing” exemplifies the hate that suffuses hard right ideologues. I discuss a small example from one of his prior columns that he wrote to downplay the threat posed by right wing terror. I am less interested in his treatment of terror than the indirect manner in which his column led me to discover that when push comes to shove he serves as a self professed “capitalist tool” even when doing so is contrary to his ethical views. Karlgaard claims that modern terrorist groups that threaten Americans are products of the left. The only ones on his list that are active and sometimes target Americans are Hamas and al Qaeda (he fails to mention Hezbollah). He fails to mention right wing militias, skin heads/neo Nazis, and the Ku Klux Klan, each of which is ultra right wing. Attempting to classify the three terrorist groups inspired by fundamentalist Islamic religious views using political labels is a dubious proposition. Each of the Islamic terrorist groups demands and implements murderous repression against any “left” ideas such as freedom of religion, equal rights for women, equal rights for homosexuals, civil rule of law, and democracy. In researching Karlgaard’s view on these issues I learned that he is one of the signatories of the Evangelical Manifesto, which opposes civil and religious same sex marriage on religious grounds Designer Replica Bags.