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It doesn take a lot to soften your skin


Fiction provided another solution, though. The Miss Kitty is a Soiled Dove turned entrepreneur. She is the proprietor of the local drinking establishment, very often a Fish out of Water. Sometimes, she has obtained her establishment through the circumstances of becoming a Determined Widow. She is always of a certain age. She is tough as nails. She has an unlimited supply of something that passes for whiskey, with sasparilla for the Determined Homesteader’s Children. She has no tolerance for «rowdiness» in her establishment and very often has a shotgun handy to make certain that her policy is enforced. She goes out of her way to make certain that no one mistreats her «girls». She acts as mother confessor for anyone in town and always has time to provide people with advice and common sense wisdom. Occasionally, Preacher Man berates her for operating a Den of Iniquity, but most of the time he accepts her business as a necessary evil. She is almost always on the side of the angels.

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