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Mysterious Past: It is not known who Xenon was or where he


The way to acquire recognition for a new kind of art usually comes down to getting people to buy it, so money validates and drives a lot of what art prophets do. Virginia Dwan who is today largely forgotten was an exception: both prophet and patron for the Land Art movement, she used her personal wealth as an heiress to the 3M company fortune to buy land for Robert Smithson’s «Spiral Jetty» and Michael Heizer’s «Double Negative,» and she also bankrolled Walter De Maria’s «Lightning Field.» Since it can’t be sold in a gallery, it’s hard to imagine that Land Art could have become a movement without the support of someone like Dwan to fund it. She believed in the artists’ visions and helped them to develop their projects. She also gave them a tremendous amount of freedom, only visiting the sites of «Spiral Jetty» and «Double Negative» once they were finished.

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