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One Steve Limit: Aversion played for laughs in the pilot


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wholesale replica designer handbags The Alcoholic: Harper “was drunk for a year” following being laid off, then got his act together. Or not. He still drinks too much, and Yoda’s told him to find a group. Bald of Awesome: Yoda. Cunning Linguist: Kahn speaks English and at least one Middle Eastern tongue, and once yells at a Middle Eastern taxi driver in his native language while he and McClaren are breaking up a fight between him and another motorist. Cut to Kahn very politely telling him in English to be a little careful and to let the other driver leave first. Dark and Troubled Past: Ahmad seems to have one. He’s from Afganistan, and his back is covered is scars, possibly from a whipping. “Don’t ask”. In Series Nickname: Their Field Training Officer, Sgt. Daniel Dean, really dislikes being called “Yoda”. Ray Harper’s called “Lazarus” because he’s easily a dozen plus years older than his fellow rookies. Toney calls Perry “White House” because she was White House color guard after coming home from Iraq. Toney himself had the nickname “Jackpot” during his abortive NBA career. One Steve Limit: Aversion played for laughs in the pilot. Sanchez has trouble finding her locker because there’s at least two other Officer Sanchezes in the 22. Open Heart Dentistry: Discussed. When searching for a wounded gunman, Harper and McClaren look for him at various non hospital medical facilities. McClaren notes that in the movies, it’s always a veterinarian. The shooter turns up at a tattoo parlor. New Meat: Police Variant, The Series. New York City Cops Real Song Theme Tune: “Heart of the City (Ain’t No Love)” by Jay Z. Semper Fi: Perry served as a Marine MP in Iraq, then as White House color guard (hence the nickname). Sergeant Rock: Daniel Dean, their Field Training Officer. wholesale replica designer handbags

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