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Red String of Fate: Invoked in episode 4; Chiaia spends the


To make it clear, Kenshi is at least 18 years junior to his own brother (he’s the Rhea and Nobuyuki’s son, and they’ve married only by the end of the third OVA, when Tenchi already graduated), and 82 to his sister! Real Men Wear Pink: Kenshi can cook, clean and kick your ass 12 ways to Sunday. Red String of Fate: Invoked in episode 4; Chiaia spends the episode trying to weave a (red) cord to replace the chain of Kenshi’s pendant (which she broke while scolding him). She’s embarrased and horrified when Lashara’s Old Retainer tells everyone about this otherworld custom, and immediately tries to make Kenshi give the cord back.

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TV Woman: All through the centuries, the notion that life is wrapped in a dream has been a pervasive theme of philosophers and poets. So doesn’t it make sense that death, too, would be wrapped in dream? That, after death, your conscious life would continue in what might be called, “a dream body”? It would be the same dream body you experience in your everyday dream life. Except that in the post mortal state, you could never again wake up, never again return to your physical body..

The webcomic will return with new strips. Riding into the Sunset: Parodied here: since Wally and Osborne live in Antarctica, the sun won’t set in five months. Running Gag: Water balloons, snowmen, and toboggans. No one was immune from accusation. People who still followed the old religions, midwives, herbalists, habitual drinkers, etc. Were accused of being under the influence of Satan.

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