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Shown Their Work: All the historical terms are used correctly


A thing worth noting is his time at the military (9 years) and his great interest in history. Both of it is flamboyant when reading about the strategies employed by the characters of his books. Hollywood Tactics are a very good way to get yourself killed in his works, as some characters have to find out. Through a lot of books his interest in historic seafaring is also eminent.Hawkwood and the Kings, a rerelease of «Hawkwood’s Voyage» and «The Heretic Kings», published in 2010. Century of the Soldier, a rerelease of «The Iron Wars», «The Second Empire» and «Ships from the West», published in 2010The Sea Beggars The Mark of Ran (2004) This Forsaken Earth (2006) Storm of the Dead (unpublished)The Macht The Ten Thousand (2008) Corvus (2010) Kings of Morning (2012)Tropes present in Kearney’s works:Anyone Can Die: Nobody is safe in his books. In one extreme example it even reaches Kill ‘em All. Crapsack World: While not every World is this, they all are very dirty and generally inhabited by selfish humans who do not care very much about others. Expect the most ruthless and pragmatic characters to win, or at least to survive. Hollywood Tactics: Not generally averted as some characters make use of them. But their life expectancy is rather short. Shown Their Work: All the historical terms are used correctly. The use of the word Polemarch for Strategist is one of the milder examples. But where it really gets hardcore is the seafaring in sailing ships. Even if English is your first language you will have some problems with the denomination of parts of the ships and the names of different kinds of wind. Therefore there are a lot of similarities to historic events. A very good example is «The Ten Thousand», which is basically a renarration of the Anabasis of Xenophon. If the reader knows his history he will have a lot of unexpected fun. War Is Hell: A theme that is prevalent throughout his entire work. Anyone Can Die and An Arm and a Designer Replica Handbags Leg are in full effect.

Designer Replica Bags Sleeves Are for Wimps: Patrick often wears just a tank top. Slipping a Mickey: To accomplish the above, new female members are given an herbal drink that, unbeknownst to them, been spiked with sedatives. Soundtrack Dissonance: The credits. Through the Eyes of Madness: It’s left ambiguous as to whether Martha really is being followed by members of the cult or not. Additionally, it’s hinted (as the page quote indicates) that some of her memories of the cult might be distorted or outright imagined. Unreliable Narrator: See Through the Eyes of Madness. Unusual Euphemism: Martha has been a member of the cult for several weeks, but Patrick says that to properly embrace the cult she’ll need to let her guard down and «share» herself. Very Loosely Based on a True Story: The cult is loosely inspired by the Manson «family». This is primarily in terms of the family’s recruitment methods and the activities they carried out together, and less in terms of their beliefs Patrick makes no mention of possessing any racially oriented beliefs, for example. Patrick himself is practically an Expy of Manson: like Manson, Patrick is a folk guitarist, and John Hawkes bears more than a passing resemblance to the man himself. Notably though, despite no mention of racial beliefs, all of the cult members are Caucasian (see Monochrome Casting). Wakeup Makeup: Martha the morning after her Freak Out!. Martha is the protagonist’s real name and «Marcy May» is what Patrick christens her upon her induction into the cult. Additionally, when answering the phone, all male members of the cult are instructed to use the name «Matthew Lewis» so as to avoid revealing their identities, while all female members are to go by «Marlene Lewis». Hence, «Martha Marcy May Marlene». Designer Replica Bags

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