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"Smith paid tribute to both Labour and SNP leaders for ramping


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hermes replica birkin Get daily updates directly to your inbox+ SubscribeThank you for subscribing!But that was quickly followed by a flat denial that the policy was changing, as Treasury ministers raged about having financial policy dictated to them by a weakened Prime Minister.The confusion began yesterday when a Downing Street official spokesman hinted May will buckle under pressure to drop the one per cent cap on pay rises for teachers, health workers and emergency services.(Image: AFP or licensors)In Scotland, where the Scottish Government are responsible for public sector pay, Nicola Sturgeon has already signalled the pay cap is “unsustainable”.The one per cent cap was meant to last until 2020 but during the election campaign, Sturgeon said she would not budget to keep within the limit from next year onwards.SNP fury at post Brexit ‘power grab’ as Theresa May and Nicola Sturgeon head for constitutional collision courseIn their election manifesto, Labour estimated it would cost over to lift the wage cap over four yearsShadow Communities Secretary Andrew Gwynne said the Conservatives had no mandate to carry out damaging cuts to vital public services.He said: “They have already been forced to drop some of their most damaging policies, such as taking winter fuel payments away from more than 10million pensioners or removing the triple lock guarantee on pensions.”Now, it appears, the dramatic increase in Labour’s vote at the election and the strength of feeling among the British people may force the Government to U turn and stop cutting public sector workers’ pay.”In the vote on ending the pay cap last night, Conservative MPs would not back an amendment tabled by Corbyn.But Labour hopes the move will leave Tory backbenchers in marginal seats exposed if another snap election is called in the coming months.SNP economy spokeswoman Kirsty Blackman condemned the “shambles”.She said: “It is totally unacceptable for millions of public sector workers o be messed around like this.”This whole sorry episode reveals that, behind the scenes, the Tories agree with us that the public sector pay cap is increasingly unsustainable.Scots want Theresa May to resign and Jeremy Corbyn to be PM, Daily Record survey reveals”This week the Tories found a magic money tree to buy support from the DUP so they cannot claim there isn’t money available for fair pay for workers.”STUC leader Grahame Smith said anger about years of pay restraint was a Hermes Replica Birkins key factor in last month’s election.He said: “There is now no doubt that voters across Scotland and the whole of the UK think a proper pay rise for dedicated public service workers is long overdue.”Smith paid tribute to both Labour and SNP leaders for ramping up pressure on the government.He said: “Jeremy Corbyn has made good on his campaign promise to keep decent pay at the top of the agenda. hermes replica birkin

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