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The Gambling Addict: Charlie


Get a Hold of Yourself, Man!: Subverted in episode 4 when Chururu pitches a fit and Hilmuka slaps her to calm her down and keep her quiet. Chururu’s reaction was crying out louder. Girlish Pigtails: Chururu wears this hairstyle. Green Eyes: Hilmuka has green eyes that add to her considerable appeal. Heroes Prefer Swords: Averted with Jordy, who uses a dagger, and played straight with his sword wielder mecha. Hidden Agenda Villain: Marder. While it’s made apparent early on that he wants to take over the entire Crescent Galaxy (to the point of treating Arst’s conquest as an anciliary goal), the reason why isn’t revealed for a good while. It turns out that he sees the peace on his home planet of Lanplate as «false», since the populace is practically emotionless. As such, he plans to use Arst’s technology to cause a chain reaction that will plunge the entire galaxy into all out war, with him as the victor that will promote true peace. Horse of a Different Color: In click the world of Arst, people ride horned, bipedal critters that look like a wingless bird mixed with a dinosaur. Human Aliens: None of the characters in show are from Earth. All of them are completely humanoid. There are not discernible differences between people of Arst like Jordy or Chururu or people born in other planet like Hilmuka or Marder. Justified, since Hilmuka and other people from her homeworld migrated from Arst several millennia ago. Humongous Mecha: The titular giant robot and the panzers. I Miss Mom: In the first chapter Jordy asks Asbeth about his deceased mother. Asbeth’s reply makes clear that Jordy constantly asks about her. After being forced to leave White Valley Chururu also begins to miss her mom and dad. In Series Nickname: Jojo for Jordy Volder. Justified, since Asbeth is hiding his royal lineage until the time is right to rally up the White Valley’s rebels.

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Replica Bags An Asskicking Christmas: The events of the movie happen on late December, with the heist occurring during New Year’s Eve. The Gambling Addict: Charlie. The incredible hostility of the loan shark he owes money to makes an important part of the plot. Happily Adopted: On the backstory, Charlie was adopted by John’s family when he was a kid and (current vitriol aside), Charlie always looked up to John. He does say at one point, however, that he always felt his foster mother loved John best. He treats that as kind of inevitable, as John was her biological son, but apparently he does feel a little irked by it. High Altitude Interrogation: Right after Charlie loses at cards to the loan shark, the guy’s goons hold Charlie over the side of a building while they wait for John to arrive Replica Bags.