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Their desperation would be funny if it were not so serious


Tropes found exclusively in the claymation show: Art Initiates Life: Michael’s power. Black Bead Eyes: All of the characters, but most noticeable with Sonya Lee. Credits Gag: The closing credits screens include amusing headings such as «The Big People Who Like to Tell People What to Do» for the screen listing the directors, «The Big People Who REALLY Tell People What to Do» for the production company and producers, and «The Big People Who Like to Think They are VERY IMPORTANT» for the executive producers. Crying Wolf: Using a monkey who tells a tale about a flying elephant instead. Friend to All Living Things: Sonya Lee’s power. Four Fingered Hands Off Model: The claymation models of the characters have a visible neck compared to the toys and cartoon style illustrations found on most of the merchandise, where the characters have no visible neck at all. Although this normally isn’t a problem and most people don’t realize it until they start examining stills from the click more claymation show carefully. Sensitive Guy and Manly Man: Michael and Eddie. Michael is more reserved and enjoys drawing and making art. Eddie is loud and loves to go fast and drive cars. Super Deformed: Faithful to the toys. Theme Tune Cameo: In «About Music,» a clown named Smiley played a triumphant, brassy version of the theme tune. Theme Tune Roll Call Title Theme Tune

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