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This is pretty much as heavy as Rock n' Roll got


SubscriptionsGo to the Subscriptions Centre to manage your:My ProfileLoblaws is launching a fee based subscription program targeting its existing loyalty program members that sweetens the pot for them in terms of rewards, in exchange for an ongoing fee.For $9.99 a month or $99 a year a new program the retailer is launching today called PC Insiders will give people who sign up discounts and reward points across many of the chain’s stores, both in person and online.Loblaw to merge PC Points with Shoppers Optimum»We are working hard to meet the changing needs of Canadians through the combined reach of our digital properties and retail network,» Loblaws chairman Galen G. Weston said. «Together with our customers, we are excited to see where this program might take us next.»There’s no change to the chain’s existing PC Points program, where shoppers can save up points in exchange for purchases, without having to pay an annual fee. Rather, Monday’s announcement is targeting at PC Plus loyalty members who are also President’s Choice Financial Mastercard holders, and banking on their being willing to pay a little bit more, to get more in terms of points and discounts.During the pilot program, anyone who signs up will get the following perks any time they use their MasterCard:20 per cent back in PC points on the essentials such as diapers, infant formula, and all PC Organics products in store and online.Free Click Collect pick up service at nearly 200 locations.The retailer is pitching the plan as a way for existing points collectors to get an ever better deal, but admittedly asking customers to pay for their own loyalty is «pretty atypical,» said Rob MacLean, CEO of Points International Ltd., a TSX listed company that provides loyalty e commerce and technology solutions to some of the world’s top brands.»With a fee structure like this, it will be important for consumers to get early returns for them to stay engaged,» MacLean said.In August, CIBC took over the PC Financial brand and renamed it Simplii Financial, so Monday’s announcement is the grocer’s way of making sure financial services customers it wooed over the previous 20 years have a reason to stay loyal to the chain.CIBC took over the PC Financial business at the start of this month, but the Mastercard portion still accrues PC Points.Alina Nastasoiu, a marketing professor at the DeGroote School of Business at McMaster University in Hamilton who studies loyalty programs, says the move is clearly an attempt at giving PC Mastercard holders a reason to keep using their cards.

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